Discover the Rich Flavors of Polkadot Chocolate Bars

Treat your taste buds to the exceptional fusion of flavors packed within Polkadot Chocolate Bars. At the Edibles Distro, we bring to you a unique culinary experience that brings together indulgence and wholesome goodness.

Polkadot chocolate bars | Magic Belgian chocolate

Polkadot chocolate bars are not only delicious, but also very powerful. The effects of these bars are quite similar to that got from other mushroom chocolate bars.The polkadot chocolate bars are one of the best in the market right now. With the award winning Belgian chocolate bar to help you get through your day and make it that little bit sweeter.

These polka dot chocolate bars are equivalent to 4 grams of Psilocybin & Psilocin from Psychedelic Mushrooms. They have been designed to give you the full-fledged high of eating a number of chocolates, but without the stomach turn or mushroom flavor. Each bar is packaged in an individual wrapper so you can consume them one at a time. Since these are non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan, it makes for a healthy snack that won’t make you feel guilty about eating something sweet. With this product now available here at affordable prices; you don’t need to look any further for your psychedelic magic mushroom needs!”

Polkadot Chocolate Bars: An Unforgettable Indulgence

Dive into a world of taste with Polkadot Chocolate Bars, your one-stop destination for an unparalleled chocolate experience. Crafted with love and precision, our Polkadot Shroom Bars are a distinct, crowd-pleasing delight that will have you returning for more.

Tantalize your Taste Buds with Polkadot Mushroom Bars

Take a bite out of our decadent Polkadot Mushroom Bars and discover a world of innovative and exciting flavors. Crafted from the finest cocoa and enriched with nutritious, edible mushrooms, these bars combine the best of gourmet chocolate making and natural, earthy flavors for a truly magical experience.

Shop with Confidence at the Official Polkadots Shop

At the official Polkadots shop, we offer a range of Polkadot Chocolate and Mushroom Bars that are as unique as they are delicious. Our commitment to quality and flavor ensures that every bar you enjoy is a testament to our craft and passion. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or find the perfect gift, you are sure to find something truly special at our store.

Health Benefits of Polkadot Shroom Bars

Our Polkadot Shroom Bars don’t just taste good, they are also packed with a plethora of health benefits. The combination of chocolate and mushrooms provides a power-packed boost to your health. The antioxidant properties of cocoa combined with the myriad benefits of mushrooms – including improving digestion, boosting the immune system, and supporting heart health – make our Polkadot Shroom Bars a guilt-free treat that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

When you bite into one of our Polkadot Chocolate Bars, you are not just indulging in a delicious treat, but also nourishing your body. We pride ourselves in blending taste and nutrition seamlessly for your ultimate satisfaction.

In conclusion, our Polkadot Chocolate Bars are more than just a sweet treat. They are a celebration of taste, a triumph of innovation, and a testament to our commitment to quality and health. Visit the official Polkadots shop today and let us take you on a delightful journey of flavors and health benefits.

Polkadot Shroom Bars

Polkadot Shroom Bars bring a unique, exciting twist to traditional chocolate. Combining the richness of gourmet chocolate with the earthy, unique flavor of nutritious shrooms, these bars create a sensational taste experience that will keep you coming back for more.Indulgence meets health in our Polkadot Shroom Bars. The edible shrooms included in our bars are known for their myriad health benefits. They are known to support a healthy immune system, enhance digestion, and contribute to heart health.Combined with the antioxidant properties of our premium cocoa, Polkadot Shroom Bars offer a guilt-free treat that’s as beneficial for your body as it is delicious. Enjoy the mouthwatering taste of our Shroom Bars while nourishing your body.

Polkadot Mushroom For Sale

Polka dot chocolate bars are the best selling attraction among all the other types of psychedelic mushrooms that are used recreationaly and medicinally. The main component of our polka dot chocolate bar is psilocybin which is a psychoactive substance found in hallucinogenic mushrooms. Our unique manufacturing process allows for maximum bioavailability of these psychoactive compounds when consumed by making them soluble in water to be dissolved into a solution before adding the organic cacao butter and then slowly evaporating with a heat pump system.

Polkadot Magic Chocolate Bar

Polkadot magic is one of the best magic mushroom in the market, made by polkadot. This 2 inch bar is made from a 63% cocoa dark chocolate to accentuate the flavor of our infamous cacao. Free of caffeine and gluten-free, but bursting with psilocybin!. our polkadot magic chocolate bar is made with carefully taken care of au belgian chocolate, we have a very large selection of psilocybe cubensis that are all handpicked and grown from dung, the result is an amazing magic mushroom.

Introducing Polkadot Chocolate Bars – A Delicious Twist on Chocolaty Indulgence

Are you a chocolate lover looking for a unique and delightful treat to satisfy your taste buds? Look no further than Polkadot Chocolate Bars! With their eye-catching design and delectable flavors, these chocolate bars are a sweet treat that will leave you wanting more.

What sets Polkadot Chocolate Bars apart from traditional chocolate bars is their visually appealing appearance. Each bar is adorned with colorful candy dots that create a playful and vibrant pattern, reminiscent of polka dots. The vibrant colors and striking design make these bars an instant eye-catcher, perfect for any occasion.But it’s not just the aesthetics that make Polkadot Chocolate Bars special. The chocolate itself is made from premium quality cocoa beans, carefully selected to ensure a rich and velvety smooth texture that melts in your mouth. The harmonious blend of flavors is available in a variety of options, catering to every chocolate lover’s palate.For those who enjoy classic flavors, the Milk Chocolate Polkadot Bar offers a perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. Indulge in the smooth, velvety richness of high-quality milk chocolate that will transport you to chocolate paradise with every bite.

If you prefer a slightly deeper and more intense flavor, the Dark Chocolate Polkadot Bar is a must-try. This bar is expertly crafted with the finest dark chocolate, boasting notes of bittersweet goodness that will satisfy even the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs.For those looking to spice up their chocolate experience, the Polkadot Bar infused with unique flavors is the way to go. From zesty orange to aromatic peppermint, these bars offer a tantalizing twist that will leave your taste buds tingling with excitement.Polkadot Chocolate Bars are not just a treat for the senses; they are also a fantastic gift option. The whimsical and fun packaging, along with the delicious flavors, make it an ideal present for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. Treat your loved ones or friends to a unique chocolate experience that is sure to make a lasting impression.

In conclusion, Polkadot Chocolate Bars are a delightful and visually appealing treat that offers a whole new level of indulgence. From their playful design to their luscious flavors, these chocolate bars are a must-try for any chocolate lover. So go ahead, treat yourself or someone special to the sweet and decadent world of Polkadot Chocolate Bars. It’s a treat you won’t want to miss out on!

Polkadot Magic Belgian Chocolate Penny Cup

Buy Polkadot Chocolate Penny Cup

PENNY CUP Polka dot magic belgian chocolate was born in 1912 by Jean Neuhaus Jr at the first Neuhaus boutique in Belgium. He wanted to fill his chocolates with delight and thus, the polka dot magic chocolate was born. Generally, many people believe the polka dot magic chocolate originated from the famous Polka Dance in the year 1857. This is true to an extent but the first ever polkadot chocolate was produced in 1912 by the belgian Jean Neuhaus Jr.

polkadot magic belgian chocolate penny cup

Polkadot chocolate, also known as the magic Belgian chocolate is famous for its powerful hallucinogenic effects. Each polkadot shroom bar contains 4 grams of psilocybin and psilocin gotten from magic mushrooms. However, how powerful the effect is will depend on the consumers ability to endure and consume more. Polkadot Chocolate Penny Cup

Researches proves that these infused magic mushroom products has some powerful effects. They increase attention and focus, stimulates the growth of brain cells. They also increases appetite levels and reduces depression and pain.

Try our top quality polkadot chocolate bars and get the experience of a lifetime.

Generally, the main components for polka dot shroom bars are hot chocolate and psychedelic mushrooms.


Psychedelic mushrooms are also known as magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms. These are brown-capped or white-capped fungi growing plants that contains psychoactive compounds such as psilocin and psilocybin in its chemical structure.

Microdosing keeps increasing in popularity geometrically since the consumption of these polka dot shroom bars replaces the bitter tastes that comes with consuming mushrooms with a sweet, creamy and non gritty taste. The quality of our polkadot chocolate bars plays an important role in ranking us as the official producers and top suppliers of polkadot bars worldwide. Polkadot Chocolate Penny Cup

Polkadot chocolate bars are medicinal and have very powerful healing abilities. This mushroom chocolate bars help people who are suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD. This makes them acceptable in nearly all parts of the world. Polkadot Chocolate Penny Cup


After consuming these polkadot bars, it takes 30 minutes to start experiencing the hallucinogenic effects. Normally, the changes always starts with the eyes vision, then your environment and suddenly, you start feeling like time is changing. You’ll notice sparkles of shining lights opening up, giving you a strangely happy feeling, commonly known as the psychedelic trip. Polkadot Chocolate Penny Cup

In relation to the substance psilocybin, the benefits of consuming polkadot chocolate bars are as follows: Polkadot Chocolate Penny Cup

  • Polkadot Chocolate serves as a natural remedy for people suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD.
  • People suffering with insomnia consumes this polka dot shroom bars to help them sleep deep.
  • They also serve as a great substitute for pain relieving drugs.
  • Polkadot bars provides a certain level of calmness and also relieves people from stress and tension.
  • Polkadot Chocolate stimulates the growth of brain cells, increases focus, sharpens your senses.
  • Polka dot mushroom chocolate is an effective means of curing people who are suffering with tobacco and alcohol addictions.
  • In conclusion, the most notable effect is the mind altering effect you experience after consuming this polka dot magic belgian chocolate.


Polkadot mushroom chocolate bars effects varies from person to person, depending on the differences in weight, lives experiences and also what quantity they can consume. The various levels are as follows; Polkadot Chocolate Penny Cup

  • MICRODOSE: 1–3 Square pieces. Here, it stimulates the mind
  • THERAPEUTIC: 4–9 Square pieces. Effect is feeling mindful and elevated.
  • GOD MODE: 10–15 Square pieces. Here, you start seeing strange things like the wall melting.

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